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Few words about the gadgets

  • Selection of the gadgets
    Proper selection of gadgets matters

    Endowing us with trust, you may count on a well-chosen promotional product with the appropriate type of marking.
    In wide range of our capabilities, we offer articles from the most conventional as for instance pens, pencils and badges, to the sophisticated and unclichéd as wooden bookmarks, umbrellas or pendrives in the shape of a credit card.

    Each promotional product proposed by our company meets the relevant quality standards.
    We use best efforts for the form of presentation of the company, with our gadgets, testified about the prestige of your brand.

    All materials used by our company are very high quality so that your advertising media is durable and resistant to damage.

    Techniques marking according to ground

    Pad printing – technique, which allows one or multiple color printing on most materials of any shape. No possibility of printing colors with tonal gradations.
    Laser engraver – marking technology relied to burning laser on the materials such as metal, wood, leather. Color engraving sets color-labeled material.
    Extrusion - technique of extrusion of the project with the matrix metal, suitable for the labeling of products made of leather.
    Sublimation - labeling method using the press sublimation. Printing in CMYK.
    Embroidery - embroidery of the project on textiles. The maximum number of colors - 15
    Serigraphy printing - method of marking one or multi-color only on the textile flat surfaces.
    Sticker Digital – paste the advertising product by printed foil or paper in CMYK.

  • Destiny

    Gadgets are an essential element of the visual identification of the larger companies, but nowadays also small businesses more and more often decide to use them, mainly because of the following advantages:
    - Public Relations
    - A significant part of the advertising campaign and marketing campaigns
    - Maintaining good relations with the Customers
    - Identification of office articles within the company

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