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FAQ - Websites


  • Whether this site can run on mobile devices? Phones, Tablet?

    Yes, all produced by MMS Advertising websites are fully responsive - it means that they can be displayed on your phone, tablet, computer, regardless of operating system and the resolution or display size of a specific device.

  • Can you position a web site?

    Yes, we position and optimize the website until, they reach the highest possible position in the search engines.

  • With the help of what technology is created site?

    Our websites are based on different technologies depending on the vision of the customer. We care mainly about the speed of the site and its correct in the eyes of the search engines which is equivalent to using the latest solutions.

  • Is it possible to expand the website?

    Yes, it is possible to expand the website if the site was done by MMS advertising. It is not a huge expense and necessary changes are easy to implement.


  • What are the stages of the project?

    Project of Your website, from conception to placed on the server, is divided into several stages. At the beginning of the interview we conduct the expectations of the site that you want to outsource, then we estimate. After accepting the estimate, we collect technical details regarding the appearance of the site.
    The next step is the signing of a cooperation agreement, the next step is to prepare the beta version, which represents the idea and the concept of programmers and graphic designers of MMS Advertising company. The beta version is placed on a server so that you could measure it and add your suggestions.
    After the introduction of any amendments website will be officially completed and sent to your specified server.

  • If I do not have any graphics for the website, they will be made for me?

    If I do not have any graphics for the website, they will be made for me? Yes, MMS advertising is also creating graphics for web sites so you do not have to worry about lack of graphics and images to the website.

  • How much is a website?

    The total cost of the web is conditioned on technology, content, graphics and text. In order to free evaluation, please contact us.

  • Do you get the source code for the web site?

    Yes, all the code and graphics is given in the form of an archive, and a copy to your FTP server.

  • How long is the project realization?

    Duration of the project is closely related to the amount of content that is to be eventually posted on the website. Average, the statistical duration of the project is 2 weeks, but it may take up to a month or longer, depending on your requirements.

  • Can I get an insight into the progress of work on the project?

    Yes, on request, we provide a link to the development platform which can be observed in real time workflow graphics and programming.