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FAQ - Graphics


  • Do I pay for the photos?

    Yes. Each photo must be purchased at the bank of pictures to get the right to use it / processing, etc.. The cost of such images is included in the price of the project after consultation with the customer.

  • What is the cost of the project?

    The cost of the project is largely determined by the customer concept, the complexity of the graphics and the number of images that would eventually be purchased.
    Each project is evaluated individually.

  • What is the time of making the project?

    Duration of the project is conditioned by the complexity of the project. With standard projects it is from 1 to 2 workadays.

  • Is there possibility to make changes in the project?

    With every project there is the possibility of changes to the proposals presented by the graphics.
    5 changes are included in the price of the project. More are now extra.


  • What is a brief?

    Brief is a collection of information on the vision of the project according to customer submitted graphic designer during the creative process.

  • What should contain a brief?

    Brief should include information such as:
    - The nature of advertising (humorous, information, abstract, etc.).
    - Expectations of the project
    - format
    - Coloring (optional)

    In addition, we welcome any information that may be helpful in the hit in your taste.

  • In what format should be delivered logo?

    If un the project You want to find your logo, please provide it in one of vector file formats: pdf, ai, svg, eps, cdr.
    At the same time, remember that pasting pictures (jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, etc.) to the file in the above-mentioned extension will not turn it into a vector file.